Best Livestream App For Android

Best Livestream App For Android – Streamlabs Mobile (No WaterMark App Details)

Hey, guys if you are looking for a Game Streaming App for your mobile device (Android). So, you are in the right place to know about Streamlabs Mobile, One of The Best Livestream App For Android. So In recent times streaming games became a trend for teens. After the release of Pubg Mobile, this trend took another level to influence new streamers on the various streaming platforms like Youtube and Facebook. The last 2 years gave many game streamers a path to success in this field. With this, it also affected many young minds from various ages to become one of the greatest streamers. As compare to professional streamers who use Professional Streaming Pcs And High-end Devices new streamers have fewer resources. In order to stream like a Professional Streamer, people think that they need all these resources but this statement is totally wrong. Streamlab had launched the Streamlab Mobile version for the emerging gamers. Now you can also stream like professional streamers from your phone with the Best Livestream App For Android. To know more about this app and how you can download the app, we have to dive into the details.

Best Livestream App For Android


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Streamlabs Mobile (Version- 1.5.96) – Best Livestream App For Android

This version of stream labs allows you to stream games from your android devices without a watermark. During 2019 this apps was the “Best Livestream App for Android” among its competitors like Omlet arcade etc.

streamlabs mobile no watermark



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Stream On Socials

With this app, you can stream to various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitch, And Youtube. Now with the Newer versions apart from this also have a feature of Multistream. With Multistream you can stream on multiple platforms at the same


Add Overlays On Stream

What makes it the best streaming app for android is its amazing features, You can add overlays like Youtube channel banners, Images, Donations Details, etc. just like the PC version of streamlabs.



Read Superchats And Comments

While Stream you show and can also read your viewer’s activity like Subscriptions, Comments or Super chats, and other activities.

How To Get Streamlabs Mobile No Watermark App

To download the Streamlabs Mobile No Watermark App Follow the following steps and read carefully.

[Note- No Watermark App of Streamlab Mobile is only available with the Old Version of the application].

  • Firstly uninstall your new version of the app. (DOWNLOAD) 4.96MB
  • Now Download the App From the Third-Party sites make sure you download the old version.
  • Now Install the app by allowing permissions.
  • After Installing the (Streamlabs Mobile Old APK Old Version APP). Run the APP and log-in with the platform where you want to stream.
  • That’s Now you are set to stream games.

Why Streamlabs Is Best Livestream App For Android

It is best as it provides various features that no other streaming app provides. Some of the key points of Streamlabs are –

  • Free Application.
  • Multi features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lite Application.
  • Easy user-Interface.
  • Compatible to all android versions.

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