How To Make A Intro On Android – Gaming Channel Intro.

How To Make A Intro On Android

Hey, Guys if you wanted to create your own Intro for Youtube on android. So, Hashtagtech Brought to you a Full explanation on “How To Make A Intro On Android” for your youtube channel. We Collaborated with Web Professor and Team, In order to bring you the Full information and provide you the full materials to create your own Gaming Channel Intro On Android. so, Follow the following steps. Now lets us go into its details.

How To Make A Intro On Android

Steps To “How To Make A Intro On Android

1) Video Explanation By Web Professor

In the video Web Professor, A tech Youtube Channel With over 140k+ Subscribers explaining the full method for easy understanding the steps. Watch the video to understand the full procedure

2) First Step To Create A Gaming Channel Intro

As you can see in the explanation video you have to download a few applications on your android device. Make sure you already have a channel logo with you in a png format. The major applications require to create one are KINEMASTER PRO and PIXELLAB. Apart from these applications, you need to download two files that play a very important role in the process.


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Kinemaster Pro

Kinemaster Pro is a mobile video editing app. It is considered to be the best App on Android for video editing. Some of the key features of kinemaster are you can add and combine multiple layers of video, images, stickers, special effects, text, and handwriting. Its have various color adjustment tools that help to enhance video and images. Its have features like reverse the video, speed control, slow-mo, key animations color filters for videos, and images. Under the audio section, you can add background music, change the voice pitch, EQ, and many more. With kinemaster, you can create and edit videos and export them up to 4K (60Fps) quality.

But the main problem faced by many people is the watermark and paid materials of the App. So, to use the Kinemaster Pro without a watermark. You have to download the Kinemaster Pro. This version of this App will also help you to create the Intro for your channel on Android as mentioned in the video. So, Follow the steps to Download the Free Apk.

  1. Open Google Playstore And Download the App. (DOWNLOAD) 51.37MB
  2. Now Install the app.
  3. Allow all the permissions asked by the app.
  4. Purchase the premium membership to enjoy watermark-free editing.
  5. Lastly, Create a new project and start editing

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Pixellab App

Pixellab is a mobile image editing software for android which helps in critical gfx editing on android. This app has various features that no other apps offer on android. Pixellab has various features like Add Text, 3D Text, Text effects, Text color, Text font, add and customize as many stickers, emojis, shapes, as you want, change the background, remove the background, Edit image perspective, and more. But a major drawback of Pixellab is it contains ads. This App Plays a very important role in the process of “How To Make A Intro On Android” so make sure to download before proceeding.

  1. Open Google Playstore And Download the App. (DOWNLOAD) 28MB
  2. Now Install the app.
  3. Allow all the permissions asked by the app.
  4. Now, after all, these continue using the app.

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More Files Required To Create A Gaming Channel Intro On Android

Shine Effect FIle- This file will help to give a shiny effect on your logo in the process of the creation of intro making. As in the video, it’s already shown how to use this file in kinemaster.



Gaming Intro On Android

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Cinematic Bar – To Give a cinematic look to your Gaming Channel Intro On Android, You must have to Add these Cinematic bars. In the video, you will get the tutorial to add this file to Kinemaster.

youtube channel intro on android

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3) Second Step to the Process of “How To Make A Intro On Android

To get perfect results follow the video and also follow the steps given below.

  1. After Downloading Kinemaster, Pixellab, and the other two files. Open, Pixellab.
  2. Remove The TEXT LAYER “New Text” from the project.
  3. Now, Go to the Background tab of the project. Make the background Transparent by clicking on the Transparent button.
  4. Then Go to the Overlay Tab and click on the shape(Square) And make it black.
  5. Cover the full background with that shape.
  6. Then go to the multi-layer option and lock the shape at its place.
  7. Now again go to the overlay tab and import your logo.
  8. After Importing your logo. Color it will RED COLOR.
  9. Now merge both the logo and shape.
  10. Now go to Erase color option and Erase Red Color.
  11. Go to color again and color the whole layer with 150-G Green.
  12. Save the Photo.
  13. Open Kinemaster, Create a new project and add a black screen background shown in the video.
  14. Click on the layer option to add your logo.
  15. Do key animation as shown in the video. (6:16Min)
  16. Now add that image edited from the pixel lab and cover the logo with that. (8:11 Min)
  17. Add the Shine effect on the logo by clicking on the layer button. ( 8:37 Min)
  18. Now add a green layer behind the logo and shine effect. (12:03 Min)
  19. After doing the key animation on Shine Effect save the project and export.
  20. Now add any gaming video you want.
  21. Add the Logo clip and apply the Chroma Key.
  22. Now place that anywhere you want according to you.
  23. That’s it. Watch the video for full steps.

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Note From the Publisher

I hope this article helped you to create your own Gaming Channel Intro And Solved all your questions related to How To Make A Intro On Android. if there is any query or suggestion you can freely comment or Contact us.

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