Streamlabs Mobile Beta APK Download Streamlabs obs Android (2020)

Streamlabs obs Android – Streamlabs Mobile beta APP – New Streamlabs APP is now ready to be used by Streamers. So, Hashtagtech has provided you the all necessary details you need to know with the APP Download. In order to stream from a mobile, you need to have this app. This app is considered to be the Best Livestream App For Android. For Professional gaming live streaming, social media interaction, or for any other live stream purpose, you can use this app. so lets us know more about the app in detail and how you can download Streamlabs APP.

Streamlabs obs Android

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Streamlabs Mobile is the mobile version of Streamlabs Obs. Its desktop version is used by almost all the popular streamers on Youtube, Twitch, and on other platforms. It’s considered to be the all in one software for streaming because of its amazing features. It offers various features that fulfill all the requirements for a perfect stream. Streamlabs with its mobile versions is also offering the same features on mobile devices. So, the emerging streamers who don’t have desktop devices. Now with Streamlabs Mobile Or You can say Streamlabs OBS Android can stream like professional streamers. The Mobile version has many similar features to its younger sibling. It can do all those key necessary things which are required for a professional live stream.


  • Broadcast directly to Twitch and Youtube – With the Steamlabs Obs Android version, you can stream your mobile content with your friends and fans through various platforms. You can also stream to multiple platforms at the same time with the latest Streamlabs Mobile Beta APK.

streamlabs beta apk download

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  • Stream Mobile games – Share whatever is on your screen with your fans. With the help of this App, you can share tutorials, videos, Web, Games like a professional streamer.

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  • Remote Control – It works like a remote control for the main streamlabs software for desktops. You can remotely control the streaming content with your mobile apps to run or close programs on a PC.

streamlabs remote

  • In-Stream Alerts – Like professional streamers, you can also show your comments, New subscriber’s name, donations, and many more on your stream. For this, you have to add various Widgets within the App. Widgets include:
    – Recent events
    – Alert Box
    – Event List
    – Tip Jar
    – Chat Box
    – Donation Ticker
    – Donation Goal
    with more coming soon.

streamlabs mobile in stream alerts

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  • Advanced Settings – With the advanced setting within the app you can control your stream output, Audio servers, and many more.

streamlabs beta advance features

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  1. To Download the Streamlabs Beta APK / “Streamlabs OBS Android”.  (DOWNLOAD) 7.2MB 
  2. Allow all permissions on the browser to download the App.
  3. Install the app.
  4. Allow the Storage and camera permission on the app.
  5. Log-In with the platform you want to stream on.
  6. Add widgets and click done on the editor.
  7. Now Click on the start stream button.
  8. That’s it you are all set to stream like professional streamers.

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